How it started:
Google made an OS and called it Android. Then Allwinner made some SoC's and hacked it till it worked. Then Xunlong made some boards with the SoC's and hacked it further. Then we came, saw it was not optimal (lightly said) and made it usable. Yay!

How it works:
We have removed most of the cruft unusable for people outside china, added few enhancements (most notably sane dram/cpu settings and more usb network adapters) and created installer that uses standard gnu tools.

Can i help?
Yes, by testing and reporting any incompatibilities, bugs or feature requests. Also, you can tell others about it!

Is there more?
Yes, we are constantly working to make it better. As this is a hobby project we are currently only able to work on it in our spare time, so stay tuned!

Happy with the project and want to contribute?
If you are happy with our creation and want to help us out or to say "Thanks, Good Work!", you can donate to the H3Droid project and/or spread the word by telling others. You can also hop on our IRC channel and say thanks :).

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